International Learning Units (ILU)

International Learning Units are gained by an outcome based evaluation composed of 5 content items learned, with a pass rate of 80%. (© LERN) .

A common method of evaluation is a test. Other acceptable evaluations include demonstrations, essays, evaluated online discussions, presentations and other outcome-based evaluations. Content items A common content item is a question. Other acceptable content items include skill based or manual techniques, written comments (such as a thesis, point, illustration, or other words), and any other components, five of which constitute the evaluation. 

A Content Item is a fundamental aspect of knowledge, a collection of key facts, a set of essential abilities, and/or a demonstrated understanding that is the intended outcome of the learning activity.

The pass rate is a minimum of 80%, or four out of five content items. In some cases, Providers or Approval Agencies may require a higher standard where necessary or required. 

Those using ILUs include Learners, those individuals who gain Learning Units (© LERN); Providers, those organizations and entities that provide learning activities, evaluations and the awarding of Learning Units (© LERN); and Approval Agencies, those organizations and entities that regulate professions, accept credit, approve re-licensure, and provide other recognition for specific fields and areas of endeavor.